't Blok, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Rotterdam, Holland, 10th June 2018


Our first venture overseas, playing near Rotterdam in Holland.  We were on our own with 3 hrs to fill so we played the longest set we have ever, and are likely to ever play.  Two sets with a 20 min break in the middle, and reviving the acoustic interlude at the beginning of the 2nd set.

Onstage 3pm to 4.15pm, then 4.40pm to 6.15pm, almost 3 hrs.

Set 1;

Farewell Fair Laurien

The Daughter of the Water

No More

Gin Lil

Gazing at Stars

The Scare

The Exile

Pioneers of the Outer Arm


Set 2;

The Quest (acoustic)

Song of the Forgotten One (acoustic)

My People (acoustic)


A Leap in to the Dark

The Autumn of our Days

Home from the Sea

And the Wind Will Come Pt 1

Song of all Ages


The Sphinx

The Nostalgia Sequence


The Tower

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