Gigs undertaken during the period 1971 to 1973 by Minas Tirith, the previous incarnation of the band.

Minas Tirith comprised, Tim Cox (guitars and vocals),  Dick Cory (bass and vocals), Andy Cowan (electric violin and guitar) and Paul Williams (drums).

22nd April 1973 $                                Loughborough University                                                Set List

16th April 1973 $                                 Railway Hotel, Coalville                                                 Set List

19th December 1972                            Loughborough Technical College                                    Set List

14th July 1972                                      Karen Lumbers party, Rothley                                       Set List

3rd June 1972                                      Penny Farthing Club, Leicester                                      Set List

2nd June 1972                                      Loughborough College School                                       Set List

20th May 1972                                     Huttoft Village Hall                                                        Set List

19th May 1972                                     Loughborough University (Rutherford Hall)                       Set List

13th May 1972                                     Cottons Social Club, Loughborough                                Set List

12th May 1972                                     Trinity Youth Club, Loughborough                                   Set List

30th March 1972 *                                Loughborough College School                                        Set List

1st March 1972 *                                  Portland Training College, Mansfield                               Set List

1st January 1972 *                                Sue Clark's party                                                          Set List

17th December 1971 *                          Birstall Youth Centre, Leicester                                       Set List

15th December 1971 *                          Loughborough Grammar School                                       Set List

* gigs prior to 12th May 1972 featured Bruce Mason on drums

$ 1973 gigs featured Taff Williams on bass

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